time fishing fly

sve za mušičarenje

Hends Spectra Dubbing


SA-2 Orange
SA-3 Yellow Lt Bronze eff
SA-4 Yellow /Orange Bronze eff
SA-5 Ochre
SA-6 Yellow
SA-7 Purple
SA-11 Blue Light
SA-14 Salmon Orange
SA-15 Grey
SA-18 Violett
SA-19 Pink
SA-22 Red Brown
SA-29 Violet Pink Dk.
SA-31 Gold Olive
SA-32 Olive Brown
SA-34 Olive lt.
SA-35 Rusty Brown
SA-41 Fluo Pink
SA-45 Peacock Bronze
SA-46 Peacock Green
SA-47 Peacock Blue Dk
SA-53 Turquoise
SA-89 Charteuse
SA-90 White Bronze effect
SA-91 White Green
SA-92 White Blue
SA-93 Yellow Fluo
SA-94 Orange Fluo
SA-95 Red
SA-96 Green
SA-97 White Violet
SA-98 Fluo Orange light
SA-118 Light Blue
SA-131 Gold Olive Lt
SA-141 Fluo Orange
SA-194 Light Violet
SA-214 Salmon/Pink Dk
SA-235 Cinnamon dark
SA-294 Hot Fluo Orange
SA-295 Copper
SA-319 Violet Dk
SA-335 Brown dark
SA-358 Orange / red
SA-392 Olive
SA-411 Blue / Violet
SA-417 Dark Violet
SA-420 Black
SA-435 Copper Dk
SA-901 White / blue
SA-902 White / violet
SA-931 Fluo Yellow
SA-952 Red / green
SA-958 Red

This is an excellent dubbing material made of material and exhibiting high spectral lustre.

It influences the fly effectiveness in a very significant way by adding just a few fibres to ordinary materials. It has a very wide range of applications.