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Swiss CDC Multiloop Tool

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Using the SwissCDC Multi-Tool-Series, every fly-tyer is able to produce

a dubbing loop in a few simple steps and to process and combine very different materials in the loop.

The Multiloop Tool does not need the V-position wires known from other dubbing twisters.

A great advantage of this innovative fly tying tool is that the threads always lie on top of each other when the

dubbing loop is pulled tight - there is no gap and the material cannot slip in the loop.

A further advantage of this tool is that other materials (e.g. flash threads, peacock grass, wire, feathers etc.)

can be twisted in the loop thanks to a clever fastening method. Christian Kuchelmeister presents this method in the video above.

The multiloop tool can therefore be used to produce a wide variety of dubbing strands.

The tool lies very well and ergonomically in the hand - comparable to a bobbin.

The length is optimally adapted to the weight and the very precisely centred central axis enables precise, clean rotation when twisting the material.

The SwissCDC Multiloop Dubbing Loop Tool is made of matt, anti-glare steel and is the perfect complement to the popular Multiclamp.

Again a very innovative tool from SwissCDC, which works like a Swiss clockwork.

Details: High quality tool for making dubbing loops Enables the combination of different materials in one strand

No gap between the binding threads No sensitive wires as with other dubbing twisters Made of stainless, matted steel Ergonomic handle Weight: 45 g