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*Hareline Mule Deer Hair For Spinning

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Hareline Mule Deer Hair For Spinning

Natural deer graded for its spinning quality.

The popular Hareline Mule Deer Spinning Hair is a patch of natural deer hair for fly tying various Trout dry flies like Sedges, Caddis and Muddlers.

Deer hair is known well for it's buoyant properties and providing additional floatation to dry flies. 

This hair is most commonly tied using a 'spinning' method to create bodies, heads, collars, wings and tails.

This diverse fur can also be used to form thick heads and bodies on flies as well by using a 'stacking' method. 

The deer hair can be seen in popular dry fly patterns like the Kate McLaren Muddler.

Each pack includes a patch of natural coloured Hareline Mule Deer Spinning Hair and it is approximately in 11cm length.


High quality

Ideal for Trout Dry flies

Use for bodies, heads, tails, wings etc

Use in a 'spinning' or 'stacking' method